Corton Counselling

Below are a few of the comments I have recieved to date. A big "thank you" to all who who have taken the time to write a testimonial for Corton Counselling.

“The value of counselling should never be underestimated, regardless of who you are or how old you are. These sessions have been vital to my recovery and battle with depression”.

“The counsellor helped me identify problems I wasn’t completely aware of to begin with”.

“I really needed to talk my situation over with someone outside the situation. It’s really helped me to understand that I can get on with my life and that the past doesn’t make me who I am. It was easy to talk to the counsellor as she has an open welcoming face and makes you feel ok and that you know that you are safe”.

“It has been helpful and made me feel better able to deal with problems”.

“I was made to feel very at ease. Able to discuss my complex issues with the counsellor. Came out of sessions much more positive and with coping strategies – thank you very much”.

"I was the victim of domestic violence (mental & emotional) from my wife. I felt I had no personal identity, self-esteem or belief in myself, I was very unhappy. Through the support of my counsellor, I gained the awareness and confidence to end the abusive relationship, am now studing for teacher training, have been offered a full-time permanent job and have been taken off my anti-depressants and have lost weight. I couldn't have done this without the support of Lesley".

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